‘London’ played on Radio Warwickshire

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On Thursday I had my first UK radio airplay on Radio Warwickshire which was very exciting.  This was the second folk show on the subject of London, in collaboration with Folk London and London Folk Music.

In this show there are falling bridges, abandoned cemeteries, fire-raved streets, gas-light and electric light, tube trains, motorways, prisons and fairgrounds.

The show features music from:
Ailsa Tully
Ewan MacColl
Susie B
Kirsty MacColl
Ralph McTell
Emma Scarr’s music page
Billy Bragg
Captain Morgan’s Rum Do
Joni Mitchell
Roy Harper
Nic Jones
Maz O’Connor
Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman
Alison Brown
John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris
Black Parrot Seaside
Union Jill
Emily Barker
Daria Kulesh
and Marie Lloyd

You can listen back on the podcast here, I am about fifteen minutes in.

London 2: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, London's Landscape and Architecture. by Tamsin Rosewell on Mixcloud


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