My Song ‘London’ featured on Radio Warwickshire

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Just a quick plug to say my song ‘London’ is being featured in the second of a two part series on Radio Warwickshire as part of their Folk Show on the theme of London next Thursday from 8pm, repeated on Sunday at 4:30pm.

Broadcast is next Thursday 8-9:30 repeated Sunday 4:30-6pm.

Tonight’s show is about the Tales and Characters of London and you can hear back on the podcast here

“We will take supernatural leaps across London’s roofscape, and witness murders aplenty; there will be songs of love on the Thames, and death on the Thames, Cheetahs in Harringey and Highwaymen in Harrow, poetry from William Blake and chiming clocks from Drake. There are Queens, prostitutes and all sorts of scandalous sensations.”

The show is broadcast on streamer so you can listen from anywhere – just go to Radio Warwickshire and click on the box to start streaming.

More details to follow!

Susie x

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